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Public Speaker

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I’m a talkative person by nature, I’ll be honest with you. I’ve always loved people and teaching and I’m a theater person by heart. I also love to laugh, make personal connections and create conversations. It’s just who I am.

When I found my path as a digital marketer I soon began training new hires, new clients, BIG clients, C-suite personnel, joining sales calls and eventually speaking at conferences. This just fueled my passion for public speaking.

Once, in college, during my advanced public speaking class, I actually convinced my professor to make a change in her life based on my speech. That moment will always stick with me and it was one nudge in the direction of pursuing public speaking.

Diana Richardson Podcast Guest


Growing up with a dad on the radio, the audio medium holds a special place in my heart. Plus, it’s just really fun to chat with the podcast host.

Diana Richardson Conference Guest

Conferences or Summits

Virtual or in-person, I really enjoy all sort of marketing events.

Webinars or Courses

Video is an incredibly engaging way to interact with your team and your audience and I welcome any opportunity to do just that.

Bring the energy.

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