Diana Richardson at the TurnDigi Conference

How To Build a Social Community

TurnDigi Conference

Host: SEO Jo Blogs

An international, multi-dimentional conference all about digital. Speakers from far and wide geographically and industry-wise offer their expertise in a casual and productive online conference. Speakers and attendees are brought together to share insights and swap stories of what’s happening in the world of digital marketing.

Here’s the full session — “How To Build a Social Community with Diana Richardson

Session highlights:

  • When you’re building a social community, there are different types of social communities: video, conversational, professional and entertainment.
  • Get to know your audience. It’s productive to understand what they like and how they spend their time outside of your brand in order to produce content and conversation that actually connects with them.
  • After looking at multiple different brands, there are some recurring themes that help them be successful with their social communities: authenticity, showing up and being present consistently, little to no salsey content, and creating an experience for online users.
  • Different communities need different content.
  • TEST content and platforms.
  • Be consistent and show up.
  • Create an experience.
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