Diana Richardson on the NerdBrand Podcast

Ecommerce and Netflix

NerdBrand Podcast (by NerdBrand Agency)

Hosts: Jason Davis, Mitch Gregory, and Jonathan Payne

Bringing pop culture and marketing together in one magical, comical and insightful discussion, the NerdBrand Podcast is a delightful conversation to be a part of. Not only can you nerd out about marketing, advertising, and branding but it’s also a place to catch up on technology, movies, comics, and video games.

The hosts and their guests spring into chats about top trends in marketing and you won’t want to miss it.

Here’s the full episode — “Ecommerce and Netflix.

Podcast highlights:
Step #1 in brand establishment = Google it to see if it’s already there!
All of us are old enough to remember times before the internet was around.

Jonathan’s Brand News:
> He uses the newsletter Chartr because it breaks down pop culture in a data-related way. Super nerdy and fun for us marketers.
> The big news is that Netflix has launched an ecommerce store to sell branded material for their properties. The group thinks that it may be a little late because Netflix missed the DC and Marvel boat for merch.

Mitch makes a great point about how downloadables are also ecommerce even though there’s no physical product in hand.

Diana discusses how the gaming industry is doing a great job understanding its audience. Making games accessible in a way that their audience would appreciate. Like apps and downloads on the Switch which is typically used by a younger audience accustomed to downloading apps vs physical copies of games like Guardians of the Galaxy because that audience is more nostalgic for physical items in hand.

Jason: Something I wanted to hit because you actually had this on another podcast … but you guys talked about how organic SEO is not free basically. Like there’s been this perception over the years we’ve kind of possibly shot ourselves in the foot by talking about organic and organic to the consumer’s ears has “Ah! Free!”
Diana: I was on Mordy Oberstein’s podcast The SEO Rant podcast because we were ranting about budget expectations and yeah, how you don’t want to cheap out even on the free traffic. Someone has to do it.
Jason: Yeah, there’s hours involved.

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