Diana Richardson on the All About Digital Marketing Podcast

SERP Features

All About Digital Marketing Podcast (by Social INK)

Hosts: Chris Bruno

An incredible, all-encompassing podcast about the digital marketing universe. The podcast team brings not only their decades-worth of experience to the conversation, but leading leaders in the biz to share their tips. From just starting out to tracking progress, no matter what episode you tune into, you’ll take away something actionable and drive results.

Here’s the full episode — “SERP Features with Diana Richardson

Podcast highlights:

Chris: What are SERP Features for those people who don’t really know, but they’ve heard a little bit about it or they’ve heard the term but they don’t actually know what a SERP Feature is.
Diana: Well the acronym “SERP” stands for Search Engine Results Page, so you do a Google search everything that comes up to your face, that’s the SERP right. So that’s just much faster than saying “Search Engine Results Page” six hundred times, so we call it the SERP. A SERP Feature is everything on the resulting page except the organic links and the paid ads. Everything else, the map, the Jason Barnard panel on the right-hand side, the quick answer at the top, the People Also Ask — those are all SERP Features. So they enhance that Google, in particular, has gotten very good at recently for including.

Diana: We get the question a lot, “how do we become #1 on Google?” and the SERP Features offer you an opportunity to be more than just number one and if you aren’t number one it still gives you this really great way of being present on the first page of Google without that stupid battle to be number one or number three even. The SERP Features are a fantastic opportunity outside of that.

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